Ax25tools mod for TNN CB support

Recently I did some testing with several TNN (TheNetNode) versions and noticed the CB versions are addressing NetRom broadcasts to their neighbour’s callsign instead of the ‘NODES’ callsign. Something only some more ‘recent versions’ of TNN seem to do? They also use a different value in the AX.25 frame’s control field than regular ‘NODES’ broadcasts.

With these 2 things it wasn’t possible to use NetRom routing with my Linux AX.25 stack using ax25tools and neighbours using TNN.

After more testing a bit I found out some node software do support this type of NetRom broadcast reception, but others like the ax25tools (netromd) don’t.

Therefore I’ve modded the ax25tools netromd software a bit. For some experimenting it is nice to have the possibility to route NetRom with my TNN setup. I also wanted to have a link with one or 2 good and stable German nodes using TNN. For some reason a lot of German nodes are using the TNN CB version.

My node’s handling those frames correctly now (VB1DIG and KS0NOD are using TNN).

Problem solved. 🙂

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